How It All Began

Over 20 years ago, our family was searching for land to raise our children in a country setting. Steve was placed on a benefit golf team with Warren White, from that day an instant friendship began to develop between Steve and Warren. Warren owned several beautiful wooded acres and sold a few acres to us. It was the most beautiful place we had ever seen!

Warren and his wife Dee would spend many hours telling us stories of the three generations of his family that have lived in the home. That’s right! His grandfather, father, Warren’s parents and Warren are the only people who have lived in the carriage style home as well as the only people to raise cattle and farm the land.

For many years, Warren and Dee have shared their wish with us of not wanting the house to be torn down if they should have to move. He knew the love Joni had for the home and tree shaded land along with her dream of sharing this charming place with others.

February of 2015, the dream became a reality.

Warren sold this amazing picturesque property so we could keep the history alive! Warrens Backyard’s name came from Warren and his love for the beautiful landscaped and tree covered haven. It was a memorable and relaxing place for he and his wife Dee.

Now it’s time for others to feel the relaxation and make beautiful memories! Having a stress free wedding, event, reunion or corporate event is our mission! Write your own story by contacting Warrens Backyard for your next special occasion.

We’re waiting on your call!

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